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Artists in Movement


Why created A.I.M.


Welcome to Artists in Movement (A.I.M.), an intensive program I designed to challenge and inspire students to take dance to the next level in a fun and professional way.  


My intensives are open to dancers 8 years & older and divided into 4 groups: Pro, Advanced, Intermediate & Juniors.  My studio & academic classes has been designed to enrich and challenge your body & mind. This program is for...


The dancer who lives, eats and sleeps dance

and has a burning desire to preform.

The dancer who devotes countless hours

each week to their passion and wishes to own a studio.

The dancer who wishes to keep dance

in their lives while pursuing another career.

My goal is to help dancers create a balance between passion,

desire and talent with enrichment, reality and success. 

Dream * Enrichment * Success

Past Topics

Dance History * Dance Therapy * Diversity

Anatomy *  Kinesiology * Balance * IDEA * Injury Prevention

Pedagogy * Program Development * PBT * Musicality  

Improv * Choreography * Education * Auditions * Interviews   Preforming * Nutrition * Mental Health * Meditation * Wellness Marketing * Resumes * Photos/Reels * Interviewing * Public Speaking

Capstones * Career Options * Competitions * Workshops

Professionals/Their Story

Please contact me if you are interested in

hosting a mini or full intensive at your studio. 
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